Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Erickson Beamon

After a few months break to accommodate multiple house moves and a return to full time work, I am excited to be back! Having moved to a different neighbourhood, Mutton is stepping out of her beloved Notthing Hill and exploring new areas. Commuting for a while through Chelsea and Pimlico gave me the opportunity to cycle through the lovely Elizabeth street. Poilane was always a draw (but I must confess a feeling that the bakery has been  hit by the death of its founder and that it's retro country look is becoming a bit stale). Allegra Hicks sells her dresses not far but her prices make me look but not buy. A welcome sight in the street is the shop window of Erickson Beamon, a familiar name that brought back memories.

I own a few pieces from that jewelry designer, bought a long time ago when I used to sneak out of the Soho square office to Liberty at lunchtime and clear my mind of numbers and reports to gaze happily at beautiful and quirky earrings.  Erickson Beamon can no longer be found at Liberty but they are available at House of Fraser, Net-a-Porter and even through the EB diffusion line at Debenham's.

Known for their spectacular use of beads, Erickson Beamon make statement jewelry that regularly appears in fashion shows but can also lend a taste of glamour to an outfit in less exalted circumstances.  You can take advantage of the sale that brings prices down 30 to 50% for the Autumn-Winter collection, and greater discounts for "vintage" pieces, not negligible when retail prices hover around the £500 mark.

Vintage necklace £175 (original price £600)
 Erickson Beamon also sell selected lines from other designers. The coveted rings from Rings Eclectic retail at £98 - skillfully navigating the fine line between bling and fun, they come in a dazzling variety of colours and styles.

Rings Ecclectic
On the day of my visit to the shop, there were a few examples of the new collection, clearly guided by a an emphasis on bright colours.

New Spring collection

The shop is located at 38 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9NZ
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 0202