Monday, 20 September 2010

Fur-lined boots

In typical fashion manner where seasons are determined a year in advance, on a balmy September week, we are presented with THE supposed trend for boots this winter: shearling lining. My source on that bit of news is How To Spend It, the FT's weekend aspirational magazine.  Its name is so well-chosen, so crude in its assessment of what should still make us dream despite the credit crunch and the collapse of the economy - a world of excess, redolent of bored men and women desperate to spend their way into happiness, that it has to be admired.  With prices hovering around the £600 mark, those trendy boots need to be taken with a pinch of salt and require translation into affordable versions!
I must confess that I like Rupert Sanderson's leather and shearling bootie (£765):
New Look's high street version don't have quite the same look or quality but might do the trick and actually be wearable in the snow.
Browse through their collection on the web for affordable interpretations of the same ideas:

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